At FHPL, we pride ourselves in our technological prowess. We were the first TPA to bring Mobile App to this industry thereby setting benchmark.
FHPL Mobile Sparrow was launched in FY 2013-14 and can be downloaded through Apple App Store, Android Play Store and Windows.

Features of FHPL Mobile Sparrow
  • Helps in easily locating FHPL Network Hospitals in which cashless hospitalization is processed. The App also displays the list of declined hospitals thereby enabling employees to make informed choices

  • Employee’s and his/her dependents’ E-cards are displayed on the App for any hospitalization purpose

  • Works as a quick reference guide to members in need of hospitalization based on their policy

  • Gives complete claim status for the submitted claims

  • App displays the list of forms so that employees can select the required form and send it to the desired e-mail address.

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Visit our FAQs section for a detailed read on how Claims process works at our end. Get to know the do's & don'ts and the right way to process your claims including documentations, eligibility criteria and much more.

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